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In a family and professional ambiance, our state-certified experts, Roger Damiano, Thomas Vander Clock, Sébastien Mihel, Fabio Orlandini and Laurène Ulivieri, will welcome you to the Old Course Golf Club and will be your major allies to progress. The real trademarks of the club, they will assist you through your learning process by teaching you the right techniques that are adapted to your level.

À la carte lessons

Regardless of your level, the Old Course Golf Club offers you à la carte lessons.
So you can take advantage of our courses and workshops that are offered by our experts:

  • Workshops for beginners
  • Advanced workshops
  • Lessons in groups or individually
  • Guided courses
  • Beginner groups

Our state-certified teachers


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Director/Manager : Jean-Stéfan Camérini


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Наша гордость – это наши предподаватели Томас Вандер Клок, Себастьен Миэль и Фабио Орландини!

Настоящие профессионалы, обладатели государственного диплома, они будут сопровождать Вас на протяжении всего периода обучения и подберут индивидуальую программу для каждого в зависимости от его уровня и пожеланий.

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